PVP Watch Newsletter - March - 19 - 2019

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  • PVE - Election Results

  • PVPUSD - Enrollment Opportunities for Grandchildren

  • RPV - Council Goals - 2019

  • RPV- New Budget

  • RPV - An Interesting Objective

  • RPV - New Fire Station 53

  • RPV - Parks

  • Ladera Linda Soccer Fields

PVE - Election Results

The three PVE Council candidates endorsed by PVP Watch; Michael Kemps, David McGowan and Victoria Lozzi won over the two current Council members Jennifer King and Betty Peterson. Kevin McCarthy also failed to obtain sufficient votes. The votes ranged from 1617 for Mr. Kemps to 646 for Mr. McCarthy.

There were issues of concern to PVE taxpayers including the sale of PVE Parklands and the financial liabilities that had not been adequately addressed by the current Council.

The election is scheduled to be certified at the March 26th Council meeting. We would anticipate that the new Council members would be seated at that time or shortly thereafter. That the residents did elect a new majority of three members, it will be interesting to observe who becomes the new Mayor.

PVPUSD - Enrollment Opportunities for Grandchildren

The Palos Verdes Unified School District has announced that the school district will begin accepting permit requests from out of the area students whose grandparents reside on the Peninsula. Greater detail is posted at pvpwatch.com; Go to the PVP schools page.

We congratulate the school Trustees and Superintendent Cherniss for their efforts to expand use of existing facilities. It seems it was not long ago when the PVPUSD enrollment approximated 12,000 and now it approximates 11,000 and state funding sources is based on school enrollment. Aging in our community is but one matter and we wonder what, if any, is there a reduction of enrollment because of Common Core and the flexibility of Charter schools. One can only speculate....

RPV - Council Goals - 2019.

Also posted on the PVP Watch website pvpwatch Current Issues page) is the updated Council Goals plan for 2019 / March 5th Council Agenda, Item M.

We encourage RPV residents to review the 48 Goals posted therein. PVP Watch welcomes your opinions.

RPV- New Budget

Review of the RPV December 2018 Cash Balance Report revealed that the then current overall cash balances of the City totaled $62,038,566. The General Fund is $14,289,752, there is $24,741,025 in the CIP account and $16,983,414 in the Restricted by Law accounts. The balance is in smaller accounts.

December 2012 there was a $44,085,540 total cash balance (CAFR Report 2017- 2018 posted (www.pvpwatch website / Current Issues page) providing an approximate $18 million increase comparing December 2018 to December 2012, 6 years. This is an ongoing annual increase not just a onetime event. This bonanza is largely, if not in total, the benefits generated by Terranea. Midyear 2019 Terranea will celebrate their 10 year anniversary. Thank you Terranea, we the residents of RPV wish Terranea a continued success in the coming years as well.

An issue confronting Terranea is the Unite Here Local 11 union that is attempting to unionize Terranea by using RPV as a surrogate. The union obtained sufficient RPV resident signatures to place this mater on the forthcoming November 2019 ballot. The only one benefit from this will be the union itself, the mandated collection of dues to the union. As written, the new City ordinance mandates that RPV will be responsible for managing the Terranea / Unite Here Local 11 union relationship. RPV residents will soon be receiving fictitious election material generated by the Unite Here Local 11 union.

PVP Watch will be commenting further as we approach the November election.

To The RPV Council:

The 2019 / 2010 budget process began at the March 13th special budget meeting. Glancing at the staff report RPV is fortunately awash in Cash.

A statement from page 3(Staff Report) The Capital Improvement Fund continues to maintain a healthy fund balance,. also the activity in the CIP Fund for the past 10 years; in that time the fund balance has more than doubled. The ending fund balance in FY 2009-10 was almost $7.1 million compared to the estimated fund balance at the end of FY 2018-19 of almost $23.8 million.

Page 4: The total transfers into the Capital Improvement Fund in the last 10 years total more than $68 million, of this amount, 88% or $60.1 million was transferred from the General Fund - Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) collected from Terranea.

In view of what Terranea provides to RPV ($60 Mil over 10 years) as well as what Terranea purchases in the South Bay, we suggest there be a more favorable attitude to our valuable business assets that contribute to RPV.

There is more data depicting RPV's wealth. PVP Watch encourages the RPV Council to begin reducing fees directed at RPV residents such as the UUT fee, Home Office, TV Franchise fee and further research would undoubtedly identify other taxes / fees that can be reduced or eliminated. The Council should consider "Reserves" How much is really appropriate for this account?

The preliminary budget for FY 2019 / 2020 is posted at pvpwatch.com Current Issues page. There are 27 pages. PVP Watch encourages RPV residents to look over the preliminary budget.

An Interesting Objective

Goal No 20 -

Resolve land use with NPS / To Be Completed by 4/30/19 / Assigned to the City Manager. This is the acreage identified as the City Hall complex and surrounding lands. There are various contingencies on that land including probable environmental hazards. A portion of the land is owned by the City and the balance was given to the City by "the Fed's" and has conditions of use that under current law changes in usage must be approved by the National Park Services.

We understand that City Manager Willmore and former Mayor Brooks have met in Washington DC with the City's consultant and others but we are not aware of any progress reports having been provided to the public.

Some history; early 2017 the RPV Council created a "citizens committee" that was tasked to create a conceptual concept for developing a "Civic Center Design." with a Scope of Work .

Scope of Work; approximately 9 acres of existing acreage with improvements including the old Nike sites, plus approximately 12 acres of to-be-acquired land that includes the current temporary parking lot. Total 21 acres.

First meeting - Sept. 28, 2017. Follow up meetings - Every month on the 4th Thursday.

February 7th was the last meeting of the CCAC with the City Manager Willmore attending for the first time. A concern of the committee was the notion that a Fire Station be included in the civic center planning. The "committee" was seeking logic for a Fire Station as many are questioning the judgment of a Fire Station at the City Hall location. Committee members voted to delay any consideration of the fire station due to concerns about traffic (causing accidents) on Hawthorne Blvd. with the recommendation that the City conduct an independent needs analysis of the value of a fire station at that location.

City Manager Willmore justified the fire station inclusion because he stated had been so directed by the City Council. However, Willmore and staff did not tell the CCAC members that there were pre-agreed upon inclusions. Consequently, there was opposition to his plan and the meeting had to be adjourned. Also at this meeting, the Committee recommended that our

pro-bono consultant be paid $15K for wrap-up effort be brought forward to our Council on their recommendation was refused outright by our City Manager, pending Committee's agreement to include the fire station, There has not been a committee meeting since February 7th...

At its March 5th meeting the Council put the committee on hold while the City Manager was tasked with (item 20) to resolve the land use matter. The date for resolution of the land matter is April 20, 2019.

We wonder if LA County Fire has been consulted about the feasibility of a Fire Station at the proposed City Hall campus. Unknown is whether or not Willmore's plan is for an additional Fire Station or moving Fire Station 53 to the City campus The committee also agreed that the location ofther City maintenance yard to with an ocean view was not the highest and best use of that location.

Goal No 21- Develop Civic Center plans & financing. To be completed by 12/31/2019 with construction following thereafter.

What is being discussed is using P 3 financing for the Civic Center project. This type of financing does NOT require a public vote. No costs have been developed but a cost number in the $30 Mil / $40 Mil or perhaps more is being bantered about. P 3 financing is similar in concept to a home loan in that the City would find a loan broker capable of financing the project and then determine an interest rate / time period for repayment. A negative is the reported likelihood of interest rates in the area of 18% / 20%.

Discussions reveal that most residents are NOT in favor of any plan that does not include a taxpayer vote. Of course there are many that believe RPV does not need a new Taj Mahal.

New Fire Station 53:

This is not to dispel the need for a new Fire Station 53 on PV Drive South as the existing Fire Station 53 is a very old building and barely large enough to house the current fire apparatus.

More equipment is needed in that area and there are alternatives; one being at Abalone Cove where Annie's Stand was once located, that location might include a lifeguard station. Other locations could be considered as well. It is reported that City Manager Willmore has promised the Council a fire station will be included in civic center planning. We doubt that the Council cares where Fire Station 53 is located as long as emergency services are improved along PV Dr. South.

RPV - Parks

Ladera Linda Park has made it to the Council Goals plan; items 22, 22 a, 22 b, 22 c, 22 d. hopefully with a time schedule something acceptable to local neighbors will be developed.

Ladera Linda; several years ago the buildings were declared uninhabitable and were targeted for rebuilding. This matter has been before the Council on a number of occasions and the neighbors have objected to the proposed designs. The neighbors want a neighborhood park while the Staff keeps proposing a "Destination" location including space for the "Docents" and Land Conservancy (PVPLC).

Goal No 23 - Upper Hesse Park - New natural turf project. Walk on the current field. When staff turned off the water during the drought several years ago, the current condition is the result.

Goal No 24 - Lower Hesse Park. Was there not a recently completed project at lower Hesse Park?

Ladera Linda Soccer Fields

Some may not be aware that the upper portion (soccer fields) of the Ladera Linda recreation area is PVPUSD owned property while the lower portion (Ladera Linda Park) is RPV City property. InEarlier days the park buildings were a school and all was PVPUSD property. Subsequently RPV and PVPUSD did a land swap that gave RPV the now park property for which PVPUSD obtained a piece of land from RPV that subsequently became a portion of the Trump National golf course.

For unknown reasons, RPV, at least City Manager Willmore has an interest in obtaining the PVPUSD soccer field property (March 5th Council agenda item 7). Although City Manager Willmore requested the authority to "negotiate" with PVPUSD the Council authorized him to "meet and discuss" and report back to the Council.

PVP Watch recognizes that PVPUSD has serious budget issues and would be open to land use discussions. However, it is dubious that RPV would dip into its reserves for an amount that would be of interest to PVPUSD. There may be state funds for land that would be converted into "Reserve" areas. We the PEOPLE are set against any further "Preserve" land acquisition in RPV. Adding the Ladera Linda soccer fields to the preserve area is but a further reduction of "Active" recreation on the Peninsula which is already in short supply. Any thoughts that RPV already provides ample active recreation facilities are Dead Wrong.

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