Jerry Duhovic Ethical Failures and Betrayal of Public Trust

Rancho Palos Verdes City Councilman Jerry Duhovic called out for his cowardly and “abhorrent behavior”.

Jerry Duhovic’s cowardly bullying and abhorrent behavior towards local residents, mostly RPV seniors, has been called out in a letter to Duhovic and the city council. The letter was written due to the California State Bar investigation of attorney Dave Aleshire of Aleshire & Wynder whose firm serves as the city attorney for Rancho Palos Verdes. The letter stated that Aleshire & Wynder should be barred from city work related to this State Bar investigation and a neutral law firm should be brought in. A copy will be posted when received.

Residents who have utilized their right of free speech in questioning erratic city policies, harassment of local residents by the mayor and city manager and seeking explanations for the chaos at RPV city hall have now been subjected to threats, demands and even subpoenas by Duhovic in an outrageous attempt to intimidate, find out who they are talking to, emailing and communicating with. More details and documents will be forthcoming as they are received.

This shameful and cowardly behavior by the “council subcommittee” run by Jerry Duhovic is a gross violation of his oath of office and is a betrayal of everything he promised when running for
office and the trust that residents should expect of him.